Research has shown the benefits of gratitude for physical, psychological, and relational health include higher levels of life satisfaction, positive emotions and social interaction, and lower levels of depression and envy.

With the evidence indicating how important gratitude may be, each of us can actively cultivate more of this virtue in our own lives and help activate more abundant gratitude in the world.

So Why #ThxLeads2Giving?

There is a cyclical relationship between gratitude and giving. Dr. Robert Emmons, professor of psychology at UC Davis and the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude hypothesizes that gratitude “moves recipients to share and to increase the good they have received,” thereby creating opportunities for others to experience gratitude and for the original giver to reap the myriad rewards associated with gratitude.

#ThxLeads2Giving seeks to show the world how gratitude and thankfulness leads to giving and vice versa. Start a chain reaction and let thanks lead to giving.

“Giving establishes a cycle that continuously feeds on itself in a meaningful and helpful way. Giving leads to greater giving and becomes a way of life. And the natural ‘next step’ is that our sense of gratitude and spiritual accomplishment grows as well.”

— Sir John Templeton Founder, John Templeton Foundation